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In addition to its general industry business valuations, Banister Financial, Inc. has specialized expertise in the valuation of a wide range of communications (including local telephone, cable and similar entities) and cloud/data center companies to meet the needs of these two rapidly-changing sectors. Our extensive and longstanding involvement in business valuations in these sectors includes the following:

Telecom sector business valuation:
  • rural local telephone companies and communications service providers
  • cable television companies
  • local telephone companies
  • competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs)
  • voice over IP (VOIP) providers
  • cellular operations and partnerships
  • long distance resellers
  • fiber optic transport networks
  • Internet service providers (ISPs)
Cloud services sector business valuation:
  • "cloud" data management, storage and information management data centers and related services
  • web, exchange and related cloud server hosting for businesses
Related sectors:
  • radiotelephone sales and service
  • cabling contractors
  • security systems and security monitoring
Our business valuations of telecom and cloud services companies include all types, sizes, and geographic locations with a client base that literally spans the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Clients range from small organizations to complex communications companies covering multiple counties or states, and from local telephone companies providing regulated services, to those with video/cable TV, and interests in wireless partnerships, independent telephone company consortiums, and in variations of the foregoing. Each such company faces a totally different set of conditions, competition and other forces affecting business value that can only be assessed in a detailed business valuation. Banister Financial's professionals have the skills and experience in dealing with each category and how they impact the business valuation of a telecom company.

In the "cloud" sector, Banister Financial has experience in the valuation of data centers, web and email hosting providers, managed cloud services companies, and a variation of diverse segments within these and related categories.

Telecom and cloud business valuation services offered
Banister Financial's professionals prepare independent, unbiased business valuations of telecom, cloud services and related companies for a variety of reasons including:

Estate/gift and other tax related business valuation needs:
  • estate tax business valuation needs
  • gifts of private company stock and partnership/LLC interests
  • family limited partnership and limited liability company valuation needs, including entities with real estate, marketable securities or closely-held common stock
  • non-voting stock for gifting purposes
  • setting values for buy-sell and shareholder agreements
  • large blocks of publicly traded shares held by estates or for gift/estate planning ("blockage discount" issues)
  • stock options held
  • restricted public stock
  • issuance of incentive stock options or stock grants
  • conversion of C-corporation to subchapter-S status
  • preferred stock recapitalizations
Disputes and litigation-related business valuation needs:
  • divorce (equitable distribution)
  • active and passive appreciation and depreciation issues in business values in divorce
  • minority shareholder disputes, corporate dissolution, and related litigation needing a business valuation
  • court appointed valuations in disputes, divorces
  • business damages and lost profits
  • critiques of valuation reports prepared by others
  • litigation consulting to counsel in preparing to depose and cross-examine valuation experts
  • bankruptcy
  • mediation, arbitration
Our professionals are experienced expert witnesses with a proven track record of having their valuation findings prevail in numerous cases in local, state and Federal courts.
Merger and acquisition and related business valuation needs:
  • mergers of telephone, communications or cloud services companies
  • purchase or sale of closely held business interests held by family members or other shareholders
  • employee stock ownership plans (ESOP's)
  • management buyouts
  • financial restructuring and recapitalization
  • for the formation of telecom holding companies with regulated and non-regulated subsidiaries
Other business valuation needs:
  • valuations to assist in obtaining financing such as with CoBank or the RUS for communications companies, among others
  • valuation of employee stock options
  • valuation of restricted stock
Why Banister Financial for telecom and cloud services business valuations?

Preparing telecom and cloud services business valuations requires highly specialized knowledge to arrive at a meaningful, reliable and supported value. Few business valuation firms possess this expertise in these sectors. Banister Financial's professionals have a long track record of meeting the needs of owners of privately-held communications and cloud services companies in arriving at valuations for a wide variety of purposes.

Why not hire a telecom or cloud services company broker/intermediary instead?

Unlike Banister Financial, a broker makes his or her living mainly by generating fees from the sale of local telephone, communications or cloud companies. While some brokers may prepare business valuations for reasons other than a sale, at the end of the day, the business model for a broker depends on his or her ability to convince an owner to sell his or her company.

By contrast, Banister Financial is not a broker and has no vested interest in pressuring owners to sell the company. While Banister has provided business valuations in an advisory capacity for an owner to contemplate a potential transaction, our compensation for these valuations is based on a fee that is not dependent on either the value derived or on the success of the transaction (in fact, the owner may decide the transaction makes no sense based on our valuation). In addition, while a broker knows how to sell the business, they often lack the knowledge of specialized valuation requirements necessary to have an appraisal accepted for other purposes, such as for estates or gift planning by the Internal Revenue Service and other authorities.

Banister Financial is solely in the business of providing independent, unbiased business valuations for a variety of purposes as indicated on this page. Prominent among these are valuations prepared for gift and estate planning, and inter-family transfers. For example, many local telephone and communications companies are in their third or fourth generation of ownership with a desire to continue this legacy into future generations. Banister Financial is frequently engaged to prepare valuations in family planning efforts to bring this about.

Whatever the reason for your valuation needs Banister Financial has the skills and expertise to help.

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